The XE5 Android device compatibility survey

According to Wikipedia there are 11868 different types of Android device in use today. Embarcadero is never going to have the resources to test against more than a tiny fraction. The only practical way of approaching the problem is to crowd source it.

This survey, which requires you to install the free SysCheck app on your device before you start, is a first attempt at doing just that. It’s for anyone with access to any Android device, not just those who own XE5.The questions are listed below so before you go entering dummy data just to see what’s being asked scroll down and read them there.

The survey asks you to use the SysCheck app (written by an Embarcadero engineer in his own time) to tell you if your device meets the most fundamental requirements to run an XE5 Android application. That’s not a definitive indication of whether a device is 100% compatible so it also asks you if you’ve tried deploying to the device yet and what issues you encountered. With enough responses we should start to form a picture of how compatible each device is.

Developers tend to own the latest and greatest gadgets so see if you can get your old Android phones back from your spouses and kids to test them also.

I’ll keep the survey running for a minimum of 2 weeks so if you own XE5 and have a device you haven’t tried deploying to yet, you have plenty of time to test it properly and give a more informed report back to the survey.

The survey results will either be posted here or at The TIndex probably both as a summary in HTML and some sort of raw database that you will be able to download and query yourself.

Here are the survey questions (don’t answer them here, do the survey on SurveyMonkey)

  1. In which country do you spend most of your time?
  2. What is the brand of your device (e.g. Samsung, Sony, HTC, Google)
  3. What is the name of your device? (e.g. Nexus 7, Note, Galaxy S3)
  4. What is the model number of your device (e.g. SHG-1747, LG-LS696)
  5. Have you updated it to the latest version of Android available to you?
  6. When did you purchase this device?
  7. When you bought this device was it a low end / mid-range / high-end device.
  8. If available please supply a link to the manufacturer’s product website for this device
  9. What does the first line of your SysCheck results say?
  10. What does the second line of your SysCheck results say?
  11. Does SysCheck have the word “yes” in the supported column for the NEON feature?
  12. Have you successfully deployed and run XE5 built apps to this device?
  13. Please describe any issues you’ve had specific to this device when attempting to deploy and run XE5 Android apps.

9 thoughts on “The XE5 Android device compatibility survey

  1. How about showing the current results of the survey? I don’t want to feed the survey with devices already tested.

    • Actually I’d respectfully request that you do enter all your devices regardless of whether they’ve been entered by others or not. It’s only by large numbers of people answering about each device that we’ll get a clear picture from the final questions about which devices are most compatible.

      It honestly takes only about 3 minutes to answer the survey, none of the hard questions are mandatory and besides it’s only just gone up so chances are you’ll be the very first to enter the details of your device.

      • I do understand your idea behind your survey, but I have a dozen Android devices around here. I’m willing to help but don’t want to spend too much time on this survey for devices already included. Sure, you may compile a “most used” devices with your survey but how accurate and reasonable is this information?

        • For potentially a dozen responses I’ll do what I can to make it as easy as possible for you.

          Would you mind completing the survey for one of your devices and then in the last question after you list any issues can you put your email address and also list the devices you have.

          Straight after you complete your entry reply to this comment and I’ll match up the times to find your survey response.

          I’ll then send you an email with the details you’re requesting and/or an easier way for you to enter your device details.

  2. Can you update your countries to show Antigua & Barbuda?? as a developer living in that/those countries would be nice to see my country’s name shown correctly??

  3. Nice initiative, Lachlan! Submitted results for my HTC One X (spoiler alert: It works well!). I’ll dig out my Huawei X3 later and do the same with that.

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