The XE5 Android device compatibility survey

According to Wikipedia there are 11868 different types of Android device in use today. Embarcadero is never going to have the resources to test against more than a tiny fraction. The only practical way of approaching the problem is to crowd source it.

This survey, which requires you to install the free SysCheck app on your device before you start, is a first attempt at doing just that. It’s for anyone with access to any Android device, not just those who own XE5. Continue reading

The ADUG Autumn Symposium is less than a week away

Time really is running out to register for the number one event on the Australian Delphi Calendar. Registrations will close at 11pm, this coming Tuesday 19th March with the event itself held in Melbourne on Thursday 21st March and Sydney 22nd March. The event is open to both ADUG members and non-members.

Members of ADUG can register with some very significant discounts by first logging into the ADUG website and then registering.

Non Members can register by clicking here.

Here’s a tip for non-members. Keep an eye out for the “Register for the Symposium AND JOIN ADUG option”. It costs exactly the same amount but means you’ll pay less for the symposium in future years.

For-in Enumeration

The “For in” style of enumeration in Delphi was introduced in Delphi 2005. The idea is to make enumeration over a collection of things easier and cleaner by removing the need for the iterator variable, removing the code for indexing and removing the code for boundary checking. If you think you know everything about enumeration, hold on to your hat. You may be in for a pleasant surprise. Continue reading